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Our missions are the responsibility of the information that emanates from the executive: they popularize and adapt to each target audience the actions carried out by the executive. Being responsible for political communication means being both a negotiator and a diplomat.

We are experts and trustworthy people responsible for your political communication. We know how to combine political convictions with a great sense of professionalism. Missions: speech writing, political negotiation, lobbying, mastery of decision-making processes at the French and European political level. Under the close responsibility of the communication director, we work on the design and concrete implementation of the chosen communication policy and policy evaluation experts. We are carrying out the tasks, assisted by the communication officer.

We have:
Solid general culture
Sense of hearing
Ability to adapt and improvise
Excellent interpersonal skills

Welcome to our Public Policy Analyses department

We are Expert for your analyzes in public policy:
Our mission in public policy evaluation is to carry out research and documentation. It is also in charge of analysis, synthesis and audit work. More often, its main missions are:

-collect the necessary data and carry out analyses;
-conduct interviews and make field visits;
-report analyzes and issue strategic advice and recommendations;
-support public actors, associations and organizations in the development and implementation of public policies;
-provide expertise in revising a social project;
-support development and communication actions;
-carry out a functional audit of services and establishments;
-take charge of the restitution of the conclusions.

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